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Your message in the right place at the right time, interactive and attractively packaged.
A professional digital signage solution at a highly competitive price.

Broadcast Quality Interactive Solutions

For Broadcasters and Digital Out-Of-Home (DooH) Applications,

Out-of-the-Box or Custom made!

Fusion of the online and offline experience

Making use of monitors and moving images, your communication will demand to be seen and heard, enabling you to bridge the gap between the ‘real’ world and the ‘virtual’ one. Examples: reinforcing the brand experience, the image, and of course the possibilities for providing service. Intensify the experience through interactivity, moving images and integration with social media.

QR codes

Do you have detailed information of a service or product available online, for example on your website? Or do you have a digital brochure available? Using QR codes, we offer options to make that information accessible for your audience. Using a smartphone, potential and existing customers can read the QR code from the screen. This type of interaction is especially suited for coupons, gift tokens, questionnaires.

Automated content

Maintaining and updating your information can be a time-consuming business. We offer extensive possibilities to allow existing information – as long as it is digitally available – to automatically be streamed to your screens. Examples include information that you communicate on your website, or special offers that are available in your web shop. Via so-called XML data sources, this can save you lots of time, and your screens are always up-to-date!

A Digital Signage solution that expands with your communication needs

1080dots DS Slim is suitable for small and large companies. You can maintain one player just as easily as hundreds. Because the solution is so flexibly structured, it can expand in line with your own needs.

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