Creative freedom for designers.

1080dots has its own unique workflow – our Digital Signage products work on the basis of templates, so that users can concentrate on the content, and don’t need to worry about the design. These templates have been designed in Adobe® Photoshop®, the world-famous creative drawing package. All the elements for a template can be designed here: text frames, font and colour, clocks, RSS tickers, video and image frames, and much more. Create your own template for each application in your own house style. As you are your own designer, all you need to do is install the Windows or Mac edition of the 1080dots Template Builder to accompany your Adobe Photoshop application. Save your Photoshop file and import this into the the Template Builder – the 1080dots software will convert your environment automatically into layout code that your DS Player can understand. This way you create your own compact suite of templates. When you have converted all the templates of your choice, the Template Builder creates a compressed .zip package that you can then upload to DS Online, so that content editors (end users) can access them. No extra work and no technical know-how required!. A truly unique workflow you need to experience to believe!

A consistent environment guaranteed

For companies, institutions and organisations, a consistent image is essential. Thanks to our solution’s smart approach, consistency is virtually automatic, and it saves you an immense amount of time. By making use of the template available, communication staff are able to manage the content simply and efficiently. And due to our Adobe Photoshop approach, a designer doesn’t need to learn how to get on with new software. In other words, an efficient and cost-saving way of working that guarantees a consistent look and feel for all your on-screen communication.

No designer available? No problem.

Our resellers will be glad to help you create templates. You receive a number of templates as standard to start you off. Contact us for a customised ‘no-obligation’ proposal and let us inform you about all the options.

Try-out version for designers

Designers can download our demo version so that they can experience how simple it is to create a template. The accompanying manual explains how the dynamic players can be named in Photoshop, so that once you have created a template it will work immediately. Curious to learn more? Download the Template Builder, available for Windows and Mac

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