Interactive Digital Signage

Your message in the right place at the right time, interactive and attractively packaged.
A professional digital signage solution at a highly competitive price.

Broadcast Quality Interactive Solutions

For Broadcasters and Digital Out-Of-Home (DooH) Applications,

Out-of-the-Box or Custom made!

Smart and energy-efficient

DS Slim is a plug-and-play Digital Signage solution that you can expand as and when your digital on-screen communication demands. The player hardware consists of a Raspberry Pi, a small and extremely economic player that you can easily connect to any brand of monitor.

Easy to use

DS Online gives you total control! Placing messages, special offers, videos and photos is really simple. You decide when something is displayed. The right message at the right time and the right place, that’s the power of Digital Signage. It doesn’t matter whether you’re managing just one player or several at one or more locations. DS Online is available in the Cloud, and is always accessible online, wherever and whenever you want.

Online media integration

Twitter, RSS, XML, QR codes. These are just a few examples of the services DS Slim facilitates. But don’t forget the smart data connections with a web shop or a website. Using DS Slim will enable you to bridge the gap between the online and offline experience, in your shop, showroom, office or public space. In other words, at every spot where you want to reach your audience. This is what we call communication 3.0.

Ideal for every sector

For informing your public and drawing attention to specific items, DS Slim can be used for a variety of goals: promotion, special offers, giving directions, price communication, opening times, news or as an attention-grabbing general information service. In hotels and restaurants, in shops and offices, at reception desks, camp sites, bungalow parks, in estate agents’ offices, in the dentist’s or doctor’s practice, in the hospital, insurance office, swimming pools, theme parks, at the hairdressers or beauty parlour, at car dealers and health and fitness centres, to name just a few. In other words, DS Slim is ideal for every sector.

A price-conscious choice

Digital Signage is available for all entrepreneurs. For 24,50 per month you get all the benefits of Digital Signage, enabling you to reach your audience through attractive on-screen communication. DS Slim is a professional solution that is easy to install. You don’t have to worry about installing software or wrestling with computers, DS Slim is a practical plug-and-play solution. Would you like to find out what digital signage can mean for you? Just contact us for a demonstration and a customised ‘no-obligation’ quotation.

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