Visual radio, cable news, information channels, daytime TV, game show or elections.
1080dots offers you interactive solutions at a highly attractive price/quality ratio.

Interactive audiovisual applications

In recent years we have supplied a range of solutions to broadcasting companies. From cable news/daytime TV applications right through to fully automated visual radio and video clip playout solutions. But our portfolio also includes tailor-made election broadcasting, game shows and stadium/scoreboard applications. We are also experts in providing internal information (TV) channels for, for example. hospitals, institutions and holiday resorts. Just contact us for a customised quotation.

Daytime TV & Cable News systems

More and more regional and local broadcasting companies are choosing the 1080dots solution. Our solution provides a user-friendly environment while offering a simple and easy-to-use way of working. We can supply various ready-to-use hardware combinations, adapted to your needs, and at a competitive price/quality ratio.

What you get is what you would expect from a professional solution, from social media integration such as Twitter, and a range of options to automatically stream information from third-party systems, such as the latest news, and weather forecasts. Text, video, images, scrolling texts, RSS sources, analogue and digital clocks – you can combine all these into one single image. You can plan every playlist event when you want it, and you can even manage several players and editions easily.


Bar charts, pie charts, 2- or 3-dimensional, but always including exciting animations. With automatic data processing. Interactive, with or without touchscreen functionality. Let us tell you all you need to now about the options.


A 24/7 automated non-stop video clip playout solution. Combinations possible with cable news/digital signage content. Ideally suited if you want to generate an extra video clip-themed channel on a low budget.

Game show

If you’re developing your own game concept, we will be glad to help you design and produce this application. Interactivity, buttons, sounds, scores, it doesn’t matter how crazy your idea is, we’ll think of the solution.


Contact us for a customised ‘no-obligation’ quotation.

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